At the intersection between masculine geometry and feminine  ornamentation, lies the propensity for the exquisite. Clean lines bathed in light allow luxurious materials to drip with appeal, and meticulous editing exposes the face of pure beauty.


Form is best seen when dynamically highlighted. Light needs dark, its mischievous counterweight.  In the void beyond illumination, creativity is born of necessity; curiosity spawned from imagination.   Light is coaxed to bring seductive shadows, and engage them in a dance of spatial experience, stirring our most primal emotions. Balance is found in the ethereal gap that lies between the heavy and the weightless. Drama is realized.


The suitable affinity of one thing to another is a labyrinth of complexity.  Details are carefully constructed through the harmony of lines and the reciprocity of shapes.  Elegant. Slender. Immortal.  The delicate adjustment of nuances ignites powerful composition. The propensity to feel emotion is altered with every fraction, the shift echoing against confining form. Without proportion, the slender becomes massive, ratio irrelevant, and the mean has no relationship to the whole. 


Timeless design, in the truest sense of sustainability, is rational order and balanced proportions; the lasting aesthetic statement. Beauty is eternal. Design with magnitude. Design for permanence.  Design like you give a fuck.